Learning, Teaching and Academic Quality

Welcome to our dedicated platform for Learning, Teaching, and Academic Quality.

With a commitment to academic quality at our core, an underpinning approach of working with students as partners, and innovative learning and teaching methods we aim to provide an excellent educational experience.

Within the learning and teaching pages, you will find guidance to support your teaching, curriculum design and assessment alongside discussion of how the learning environment and technologies can enhance learning. There is also information about how we recognise and reward excellent teaching and the importance of continuing professional development for educational practice.

The Academic Quality pages provide information on university regulations and processes as well as support for people in specific roles such as programme leaders and external examiners. A commitment to continuous enhancement underpins all our endeavours and within these pages, you will find information on how the student perspective is embedded within our processes alongside guidance for staff and students on partnership working.

We strive to provide a broad and dynamic resource for all your educational needs and aim to empower educators, students, and institutions by fostering a culture of excellence in education.