Managing Assessments

We have rules within the University Policy and Regulations (PDF - 4.63 Mb) (UPRs) to ensure, fairness, rigor and validity in assessment processes. Good assessment design should take in to account these elements to enable assessment which supports student learning rather than just tests student learning.

Assessments should be set up correctly within module sites with explicit information about the assessment tasks, the learning outcomes being assessed, the submission details and deadlines, the assessment criteria, the marking and moderation processes as well as details as to when feedback will be provided.

One element of assessment management is the consideration of student and staff effort - good assignments will demand an appropriate amount of student effort, and good assessment design will ensure the distribution of the students’ effort across the study-period with no very close/overlapping assessment deadlines, known as assignment 'bunching'. Students and staff should not be overloaded by assessments and good assessment design also takes into account staff time to provide quality feedback that supports student learning.