Collaborative Provision

The University of Hertfordshire works in partnership with a wide range of UK and international partners in delivering different types of collaborative programmes. All collaborative arrangements are governed by UPR AS17 Section D: AQ Policies and Procedures in Relation to Collaborative Provision.  Each collaboration with a Partner Organisation is overseen by a Collaborative Partnership Leader (CPL).

Overseas and UK collaborative agreements other than those with the Hertfordshire Higher Education Consortium colleges fall into a number of categories, each with their own associated processes.

Students  studying on a University programme at our partner institutions can find guidance here:

Guide for students at collaborative partners (PDF - 0.67 Mb)

University staff can find a range of guidance and forms in relation to collaborative provision on the CAQA HertsHub site under the heading 'Collaborative Arrangements', including guidance on how to set up agreements with collaborative partners.

University staff can also find details of all Franchise, External Validation, Academic Support Agreement and Hertfordshire Higher Education Consortium programmes on the CAQA HertsHub site under the heading 'Collaborative Arrangements':

UH Partnership Register