External Examiners - Fees and Expenses


The following fees are payable  to External Examiners only upon receipt of an External Examiner's annual report.  All claims must be submitted on the relevant External Examiner pay claim form (see attached).  The claim form must be fully completed, signed and relevant original receipts attached before being submitted to Academic Services for processing.

   Per additional contract
Programme External Examiner only £300.00£150.00
Module External Examiner onlyUp to 20 modules£450.00£300.00
Both Programme and Module External ExaminerUp to 20 modules£600.00£450.00
Short Course External Examiner£50 per delivery of a short course up to a maximum of £400 per yearSee note below 
*Note that external examiners who cover both modules and short courses will receive a single fee with a maximum of £400 per year, and the number of combined modules and short courses must not exceed 20.   
Attendance at external examiner induction workshop 


Additional Fee for End Point Assessment (EPA) Examination role in addition to standard fee
External Examiner

Please note:

All claims will be paid on a monthly basis. This may mean that if your authorised claim is not received in the Payroll Department by the last day of the month, payment may be delayed for up to a maximum of 7 weeks. The University apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

External Examiners' expense rates

a) Travel

  • Second class rail fares
  • 45p per mile for private car.

b) Subsistence

The Governing Body has agreed to the full reimbursement of all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred by an examiner in visiting the University. Please note that the University will not reimburse personal expenses such as telephone calls, alcoholic drinks, newspapers etc.

Please attach receipts, where appropriate, to the form below. Claims for expenses, which are not supported by receipts, will be subject to tax.

External Examiner Claim Form (DOCX - 0.08 Mb)