External Examiners' Workshops

The External Examiners' Workshop runs twice a year in June and October.

The aim of the workshop is to enable attendees to reflect upon the role and work involved in external examining. Most participants will be relatively new to external examining, though there will be some more experienced participants. The workshop is not discipline based, but instead addresses common issues in external examining. In response to the evaluation of our earlier workshops, we have decided to encourage a more focused discussion on particular issues rather than offer a wide-ranging programme. These issues have been identified by two means: suggestions from previous participants and recurring concerns in External Examiners' reports.

The workshop has been planned to encourage participation. For the morning session, participants will be working in groups with the object of forming ideas and solutions to problems. For the afternoon session, it will be arranged for the External Examiner to meet key members of staff in their relevant Schools.

Administrative arrangements are organised by Academic Services. If you have any queries, please email aqo@herts.ac.uk.