Graduate Attributes

The University’s Graduate Attributes are an expression of the shared outcomes of the student experience here at Hertfordshire. Whatever your background, wherever you are from, higher education can be a transformational experience and we are committed to having a positive transformational impact on every member of our university community. The aim of the Attributes is to connect our students and graduates to each other, and to the strategy of the University. Our 2020-2025 strategy challenges us to develop graduates who are capable and professional, building on the engagement of employers and professional bodies who contribute to the development of our curriculum. We will encourage students to be creative and enterprising, build their social and global awareness, and we will be compassionate and inclusive, supporting students in their learning and their living.

As part of this strategy, our Graduate Attributes have recently been reviewed, with the research base for their development re-examined and a student consultation at the heart of their confirmation. The goal of the work has been to ensure our Graduate Attributes are better aligned to the University Strategic Plan, to place a greater emphasis on digital learning and working, to focus on social/societal/environmental impact and responsibility. The work has been undertaken alongside the development of our Herts Learning principles which are shaping our approach to curriculum design. By experiencing Herts Learning, the way in which we will engage students in teaching, learning and assessment activities will foster their Graduate Attributes inside the curriculum. Our Graduate Attributes are mapped to modules at a programme level, with clear identification of where these are developed within the curriculum. Students can also use the experiences they have outside the programme to develop their Graduate Attributes.

Our new Graduate Attributes, introduced from September 2022 are expressed in language meaningful to both students and employers, and allow graduates to articulate in a very active voice the transferable skills that they have developed in addition to their subject expertise and proficiency.

We asked our students to define what they felt the Graduate Attributes mean to them, to describe them in their own words.