Curriculum Design

Our vision as a university is that all our students, whatever their background, can achieve their full potential and go on to have great careers.

Our curricula are based on a set of community-created Herts Learning principles to achieve that ambition. The world in which we're living, and the diverse needs of our students, demand a flexible approach to curriculum design and programme delivery.  Herts Learning is about embedding that adaptability into every single programme across the university by 2025. We are a campus-based university with continued focus on face-to-face working, always seeking versatile ways to connect around the busy, complex lives of our diverse community.

Our principles reach beyond the classroom into all the ways we work together.  We believe that embracing this approach will provide us with the right framework to drive student success, support our goals to eliminate our awarding gaps, and increase overall student satisfaction.  You can explore how we use curriculum design to achieve this through the options below.