Mentimeter is a web application that allows the user to create interactive presentations. While slideshows similar to those made in PowerPoint can be made using Mentimeter, the tool provides a variety of slides that allow for real-time audience participation. All presentations are made within an online editor, where they can be shared with colleagues and prepared for use in the classroom or online. The interactive slides provide functionality such as multiple-choice questions, word cloud generation, quizzes, and Q&A sessions. For added convenience, Mentimeter slides can be added to existing PowerPoint presentations via a downloadable plugin.

Students engage with Mentimeter presentations on their smartphones or tablets, entering a unique code to follow along with the interactive elements of the slideshow. Up to 2000 participants can interact with a presentation. The visualisations and intuitive prompts help provide an additional engaging element to the lecture, and once the presentation has finished, results can be stored and exported for further analysis if needed.

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