Technology Enhanced Learning

Our TEL research focuses on developing digital capabilities for all personnel in the University. A key to taking this forward is the exploration of staff and students’ attitudes to, and perceptions of, digital at the University of Hertfordshire, in relation to the evolution of our organisation’s approach to digital skills development over the past three years. For details of our findings, see the UCISA website.

Our Student Technology Mentors (STMs) team at UH has worked synergistically to create an engaging online digital skills course. To continue our partnership culture, a new collaborative project has evolved to give the nine STMs the opportunity to lead, develop, and publish online digital skills content for their fellow students. This idea originated from the students themselves. The partnership has opened innovative pathways of enhancing digital capabilities across our student body with the benefit of challenging staff perceptions of students as content creators. Further details are available on  CAN conference website .

The research and scholarship emanating from the TEL team enables staff and students to benefit from responses to key surveys that measured the range of digital capabilities. The Digital Experience Survey for example,, provides valuable benchmarked insights to inform decision-making about digital infrastructure, digital teaching and digital skills development priorities and resources at the university. From this survey, we have found out how students would like technology to be used in their learning and teaching, we can better understand how they use the digital environment and services, and have an improved understanding on what their expectations and experiences are at the university.