Pedagogic Research

Research/Scholarship and Projects

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About our Research/Scholarship and Projects

This section is dedicated to the scholarship and research that connects theory with practice and forms an evidence-based tapestry within our team. In this section we have systematically collated the research/scholarship and project work by themes and categories.

Our Learning and Teaching team comprises specialists in learning and teaching, technology enhanced learning and Herts Learning. This team is responsible for supporting University wide projects and scholarship within and beyond the schools to enhance, transform and innovate the curriculum and learning experiences of our students, staff and partners.

The majority of our research and scholarship relates to improving curriculum and diversifying the way we teach and measure learning impact.

The synergy between colleagues means that our research and scholarly output is wide, representing a range of innovative projects and practices. Within the team, colleagues hold national and international roles in facilitating, leading and championing teaching and learning research and scholarship. Many of the outputs are collaborative, providing a richness to the work we do and sharing best practice with colleagues inside and outside of the University. Divided into specific research themes listed below, we now provide insight into different areas of our research/scholarship and project work.

  • Compassion Focused Pedagogy
  • Student Staff Partnerships
  • Quality Enhancement
  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Academic Integrity
  • Race Equality
  • Assessment and Feedback (including Generative AI)
  • Academic Leadership
  • Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Decolonising and Diversifying the Curriculum (Inclusive Practice)