Continuous Enhancement Planning (CEP)

To make sure our programmes are as good as they can be, the  University uses Continuous Enhancement Planning (CEP) for monitoring of all Herts based taught programmes of study, including on-line provision, as well as for programmes offered through our partners.

The purpose of Continuous Enhancement Planning (CEP) is to assure the quality of the University’s taught provision and to enhance the student learning experience through incremental and focussed improvement at all levels.

The CEP is a live process with continuously available action plans, which allow programme teams to manage and track action points, ensuring action points are resolved or escalated in a timely manner. It is a risk-based approach to the extent that it is informed by core and split metrics as well as qualitative evidence, which allows programme teams to understand where to focus improvement measures.

The CEP supports programme teams in their continual efforts to maintain academic standards, to improve the quality of learning opportunities, to enhance the student learning experience by an ongoing, evidence informed monitoring process and to allow Departments, Schools and the University oversight to identify and develop strategic improvement initiatives.

Please find here documents providing detailed guidance on the Continuous Enhancement Process:

CEP Guidance Home Programmes (PDF - 2.99 Mb)

CEP Guidance for Collaborative Partners (PDF - 1.88 Mb)

The University's regulations relating to Continuous Enhancement Planning (CEP) can be found within the Academic Quality Policies and Regulations UPR AS17 Section C2.2.