Key information for Associate Deans (AQA)

The Associate Dean of School (Academic Quality Assurance) plays a key role in  managing the assurance and leading the enhancement of the  quality and standards of programmes within the School.

The role of the Associate Dean of School (Academic Quality Assurance) is a demanding one, particularly in the first year. To support them, CAQA has prepared an induction booklet:

Booklet for Associate Deans (Academic Quality Assurance) (PDF - 0.89 Mb)

The booklet provides an introduction to how the academic quality of our taught programmes are assured and enhanced, the key resources and development activities available to ADoS(AQA)s to undertake their job, and the important timescales that they need to be aware of.

It should be used in conjunction with the support offered by the School’s key links in CAQA and Academic Services.