Guides for (Re)validation and Periodic Review

The Centre for Academic Quality Assurance  has developed Handbooks for home and collaborative validations as well as for periodic reviews and revalidations of programmes offered by collaborative partners.

For the validation of Herts-based provision, please use:

Validation Handbook (PDF - 0.46 Mb)

For periodic review of Herts-based provision, please use:

Periodic Review Handbook (PDF - 0.37 Mb)

For the validation of Collaborative provision, please use:

Collaborative Validation Handbook (PDF - 0.29 Mb)

Links to the periodic review and validation templates are given in these guides and can also be found on the CAQA HertsHub site under the heading 'Periodic Review and Validation'.

Validation  of programmes offered by collaborative partners involve some additional steps, set out in the document 'How to approve new Collaborative Partners and Programmes', which is available to Herts staff on the HertsHub CAQA site under the heading 'Collaborative Arrangements'.

For revalidation of programmes offered by collaborative partners, please use:

Revalidation Handbook (PDF - 0.32 Mb)