Programme Documentation

When a University programme is validated, a range of documentation is developed setting out the content of the programme and the way in which it operates. The main programme documents are the Programme Specification and Definitive Module Documents for each module taught on the programme.

Programme Specifications

The Programme Specification is a collection of key information about the programme. It identifies the aims and learning outcomes of the programme, lists the modules that make up each stage of the programme, and the teaching, learning and assessment methods used by teaching staff. It also describes the structure of the programme, its progression requirements and any programme-specific regulations. This information is therefore useful to potential students to help them choose the right programme of study, to current students on the programme, and to staff teaching and administering the programme.

You can find the Programme Specification for each course offered by the University by going to the relevant course page on the University website. The Programme specification can be found under the heading 'Further information - includes assessment method'.

University staff can find templates for writing a Programme Specification on SharePoint (Herts login required).

Definitive Module Documents (DMDs)

Definitive Module Documents (DMDs)  give you key information about individual modules. Here you can find the module's aims and learning outcomes,  the mode of delivery of the module, the teaching and learning activities and assessment details. Students will find the DMDs for their modules on the module sites on the University's virtual learning environment, StudyNet.

University staff can find templates and guidance for writing a Definitive Module Document on SharePoint (Herts login required).

Staff viewing DMDs and Programme Specifications

University staff can view existing DMDs and Programme Specifications on the Electronic Document Management System (Document Management). You need to be on the UHVPN to do this. There is a User Guide for accessing DMDs and Programme Specifications in Document Management on SharePoint (Herts login required).

Programme and Module Information for students

Programme and module information for students is now given on the University's VLE StudyNet (Herts login required).

University staff can find information on how to set up and manage Programme sites as well as how to populate and maintain their module sites in 'The Guided Learner Journey' (Herts login required). For Collaborative Partners who use module guides rather than module sites, guidance can be found here:

Module Guide Content Guidance for Collaborative Partners

There is a Demonstration Programme Site that contains template pages for the programme to draw on as well as set text for certain programme matters that should be copied over to the programme site (Herts login required).